Desktop Support

Posted 26 January 2022
LocationOklahoma City
Job type Contract

Job Description



Resolves desktop-related problems.


  1. Maintains and evaluates systems for efficient user operation including but not limited to:
  • Documentation of existing network installations
  • Installation of new Local Area Networks
  • Connectivity between networks (LAN's, WAN's, etc.)
  • Disaster recovery planning
  1. Installs and supports multiple workstation operating systems such as Windows and UNIX.
  2. Assists users and/or solves problems related to hardware/software including but not limited to:
    • Connectivity
    • Configuration
    • Networking
    • Software program applications
    • Peripherals
    • Printers
  3. Installs and configures hardware and software.
  4. Develops, organizes, and presents coaching sessions for end users.
  5. Evaluates and recommends new software, hardware and network systems by analyzing factors such as:
    • User needs
    • Cost
    • System compatibility
    • Range of utility
  6. Regular and reliable attendance is required in performance of job.
  7. Employee may be required to perform additional duties as assigned.


Associate's degree or technical trade school certificate in computer science with emphasis on infrastructure PLUS significant practical experience installing and maintaining computer equipment.


The following job-related experience:

  1. Experience with and thorough knowledge of computer equipment and installations.
  2. Thorough knowledge of the network system/software and the overall network directory structure.
  3. Application of basic math and algebra.
  4. Experience or training related to:
    • Interpersonal communication skills
    • Hardware installation
    • Software applications
    • Networking
    • Customer service
  5. Experience analyzing and determining appropriate solutions to user equipment and/or software problems.
  6. Experience developing and presenting coaching programs for computer users.
  7. Experience interacting, assisting, guiding, training, and communicating effectively.
  8. Experience reviewing and interpreting software and technical manuals, screens and messages, logs, and correspondence.
  9. Demonstrated ability to read and write fluently in English.


  1. Valid driver’s license required for travel to other company facilities both in-state and out-of-state.
  2. Industry certification (CNE, CAN, MSC, A+, etc.) is desirable.
  3. Manufacturer certification (IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq, etc.) is desirable


  1. Lift or move objects weighing up to 40 pounds, 3-5 times daily, including lifting while climbing a ladder.
  2. Able to operate office tools and equipment required.


  1. Communicate and/or exchange information; conduct oral presentations.