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About Us

We Are OakTree

For over 25 years, we have maintained close relationships with our clients and specialists.

There is no better feeling than personally calling an applicant to ask, "When can you start?" or telling our client "We know the perfect person for that position."

What can we say? You're already great, and we're great at preparing you to find and land your dream job.

Our Values

  • Our People

    We are in the business of people, so above all, we value every individual who makes our company whole.

  • Our Community

    Our community is a priority, and we take responsibility for giving back with every chance we get.

  • ​Our Honest Work

    As a company, we pursue excellence, integrity, and transparency in all work we do.

  • Our Tailored Process

    We take pride in the systems we have developed over the years to ensure the right applicants are being submitted to their most equitable job opportunities.

Our History

  • 2021

    OakTree Expands Management Team

    After navigating a pandemic, OakTree is experiencing growth like never before. As the job market shifts, it's an equally exciting and unpredictable time to be in the staffing industry. Since the beginning of 2021, we have added to our Executive Team as well as a new branch of Recruiting Managers. We look forward to what's next!

  • 2014

    OakTree Implements Payroll Division

    ​OakTree continues to broaden offerings by adding a Payroll Division as well as pre-identified resource staffing to clients.

  • 2008

    OakTree Expands Staffing Offering to Skillsets Outside of Information Technology

    ​The growth doesn't stop here! Once known only for staffing in the IT sector, OakTree begins to expand into others.

  • 2001

    100% Ownership Transferred to Lisa Wilson, Making OakTree a Woman Owned Business

    Lisa aimed to build a successful company that was conducive to the family lives of its employees. Because of her leadership, OakTree has not only made it through instances of the downturn in the economy but did so in a way worth meriting the company's addition to the list of 25 Best Small Companies To Work For in the nation by Working Mother Magazine.

  • 1995

    OakTree Software Is Born

    We're a 90s baby! Lisa Wilson founded OakTree with three partners and hit the ground running before the Millenium. Imagine owning a new software company while "y2k bug" rumors circulate. Lisa handled it with grace.

staffing and recruiting

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We offer a fun and supportive environment for our Recruiting Team as they work hard to place candidates with great job opportunities. Interested in a challenge that is also fulfilling? Let’s talk!

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