Willow Project Engineer- Civil

Posted 29 November 2023
Location Anchorage, United States of America
Job type Contract
DisciplineEngineering & Manufacturing

Job Description

Willow Project Engineer- Civil

Location: Anchorage, AK


Located on Alaska’s North Slope in the National Petroleum Reserve (NPR-A), the Willow project is estimated to produce 180,000 barrels of oil per day at its peak. During construction, Willow is expected to create around 2,500 jobs, with a majority of labor provided by union workers. The development is estimated to create 300 permanent jobs.
The economic impact of the Willow project will be sizable. According to BLM estimates, Willow could generate between $8 billion and $17 billion in new revenue for the federal government, the state of Alaska, the North Slope Borough and local communities. The initial phase of Willow development will include a new Willow Central Processing Facility (WCF), three drill sites, pipelines, roads, bridges and supporting infrastructure.
Learn more about the Willow project here.

Scope Summary
The Willow project is spread over several phases and areas.

2023 – 2025 - Detailed Design
2023 – 2024 - WOC Fabrication
2025 – 2027 - WOC North Slope Installation and Commissioning
2025 – 2027 - WCF / DS Sealift Module Fabrication
2027 – 2029 – WCF / DS North Slope Installation and Commissioning

Willow will be a greenfield design including all processing facilities, utilities, drilling equipment, camp, and power generation.

Willow is a newly discovered prospect located within the National Petroleum Reserve of Alaska (NPR-A) approximately 30 miles west-southwest of the Alpine Central Facility (ACF), within the Bear Tooth Unit (BTU). The discovery was established with the drilling of two exploration wells, Tinmiaq 2 and Tinmiaq 6, in 2016. Further detailed appraisal began in 2018 with the drilling of three additional wells. Additional 2018 exploration success was also encountered in the Willow area at the West Willow prospect, approximately 10 miles from Willow.

The Willow prospect is expected to contain greater than 300 MMBOE gross recoverable resource potential and be developed through a new central processing facility on the North Slope. The Willow Project will include a new Willow Central Processing Facility (WCF), three drillsites, pipelines, roads, bridges, and supporting infrastructure.

Following the approval of the Authority for FEED (AFF) corporate approval gate in December 2020, the Willow Project began the FEL-3 phase. Upon successful completion of FEL-3, the Willow Project will seek approval for the Authority for Execute (AFE) corporate approval gate, currently forecasted for December 2023.

Assignment Scope: Key Accountabilities
  • Assists the Project Lead in overseeing day-to-day activities of the Willow Roads, Pads, Airstrip, and Bridge Design project contractors.
  • Organizes and controls project work to ensure that all project objectives and priorities are being met regarding safety, environment, cost, schedule, work environment, and quality.
  • Oversees Gravel, Airstrip, and Bridge project contractors to complete all activities and deliverables within the baseline schedule and in compliance with the agreed specifications and standards.
  • Ensures that decisions for gravel and bridges are made in alignment with all relevant Project Team members, contractors and stakeholders, and maintains records of decision basis.
  • Manages timely review of Technical Queries and preparation of responses.
  • Coordinates Company review of project deliverables and engages technical authorities as required.
  • Provides input to key deliverables such as Basis of Design, Project Execution Plan, Schedule, Cost Estimates, Risk Register, Construction Execution Plan, etc.
  • Coordinate field work activities and engineering walk downs and support, including up to 10% personal travel to North Slope.
  • Supports Project Lead in the preparation of presentations on project issues and updates for Management.
  • Assists in monitoring contractor progress, manpower, and budget.
  • Keeps team members informed on Project progress and developments.
  • Monitors Project change and variation orders.
  • Promotes knowledge sharing and contribute to good communication and cooperation with Management and key individuals.

Desired Skills and Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil or Mechanical Engineering preferred.
  • Intermediate level, typically 3-8 years of relevant experience.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills required.
  • Gravel road and pad design and installation preferred.
  • Arctic project experience preferred.
  • Project management and leadership skills with the ability to support project definition and make decisions within well-defined parameters required.
  • Ability to identify problems, apply knowledge and develop potential solutions incorporating input from key stakeholders required.