Systems Administrator II

Posted 18 August 2023
Location Houston, United States of America
Job type Contract

Job Description

Systems Administrator II

Location: Houston, TX or Tulsa, OK Area


Accelerator KMS (Procedure Management)
  • Managing access, operator unit qualification, etc. (add new operators/remove employees leaving company)
  • Annual certification letter - Coordinate/badger for annual procedure compliance certification (for Operating limits and operating procedures)
  • Issue Monthly metrics (or just gather)
  • Downloading procedures for audits
  • Manage procedure work flow
  • Manage scenario drills, tabletop drills, etc. (assigning/metric gathering)
  • Tracks procedure reviews
  • Developed/created SOP Index to manage Procedure Center (spreadsheets/lists outside of AccKMKS)
  • Print hard copies of Emergency Procedures for console backup use
  • Publish approved procedures (update associated site documents as needed)
  • Manage unassigned tasks (assign to appropriate personnel)
  • Manage procedure expiry (informs, initial task assignment, progress reports, final publishing, user inform for training/awareness)
  • Communicate updates and downtime
  • Troubleshooting
  • Manage Admin Groups
  • Add/adjust access to AD groups
  • Communicate updates and downtime
  • Assist engineers with Target settings
  • Modify Logbook templates (line items) and possibly create new ones (not common)
  • Troubleshooting issues with Logbook and Targetboard
  • Modify shift start/end times, grace period, drop down choices, etc. (not common)
  • Manage Admin Groups
  • Add/adjust access to AD groups
  • Add new hires to appropriate AD Group
  • Configure Operators in work areas
  • Manage email groups for exceptions
  • Modify/Add rounds, check sheets, and Actions Due
  • Communicate updates and downtime
  • Maintain MyForms workflow RFI in ARC (WR), respond to requests

  • Manage Admin Groups
  • Communicate updates
  • Troubleshooting

  • 3-5 years of related experience required
  • Systems Administration for the following platforms:
    • Accelerator
    • Accelerator KMS
    • OIS
    • MyForms
    • EPAS