Disaster Recovery Analyst

Posted 18 September 2023
Location Tulsa, United States of America
Job type Contract

Job Description

Disaster Recovery Analyst

Location: Tulsa, OK


Technology architecture management- The DR program consists of multiple layers of technology, each of which needs to always remain “DR Ready”. Storage, networking, VMware, Windows, Linux, Active Directory, and more are all in a constant state of change. The DR Program Analyst will work closely with all technical infrastructure teams on a regular basis to ensure the architecture continues to meet the requirement of DR readiness in the organization.

Technology change management (DR impact)- The DR program analyst is responsible for staying plugged in to the change management program and ensuring that all production changes that impact the DR program or plan are carefully reviewed and changes are made as needed to the DR program to stay in sync.

DR test management - The DR program analyst is responsible for scheduling, preparing for, and managing the disaster recovery tests for the enterprise. This includes working with the DR vendors and technical teams, developing a pre-test action item log, managing the test, and ensuring that the post-test issue log is resolved in a timely manner.

DR vendor management - The DR program analyst is responsible for maintaining an active relationship with the DR vendors. They will manage incoming and outgoing tickets to the DR providers and ensure the teams are all on the same page with regards to issues and changes.

The ideal candidate for the role of Disaster Recovery Program Analyst will have some or all of the following experience:
  • Experience and knowledge of multiple IT Infrastructure technologies 
  • Experience working as a lead or program manager for IT disciplines
  • Experience working with DR program management
  • Experience working with third party vendors and partners
  • Experience developing project plans, issue logs, and status reporting
  • Experience in a large IT enterprise with 1000+ servers and various technology towers

Areas of Responsibility
IT DR architecture design    
  • Responsible for working with technology teams to continuously update and retrofit architecture plans as technology advances, keeping DR technology plans “green”.
  • Review changes regularly to ensure changes that impact DR are identified and appropriate documentation is updated to reflect these changes.
Vendor / ticket management    
  • Responsible for managing tickets to and from DR vendors and ensuring the technical teams are fulfilling incidents related to DR.
  • Facilitate user access to vendor systems and onsite support as necessary.
DR process management    
  • Responsible for carrying out day-to-day action items related to all DR processes including DR pre-test/post-test processes, DR technology processes, DR At Time of Test (ATOT) and At Time of Disaster (ATOD) playbooks, and manage to the processes of our DR vendors.
DR test management    
  • Responsible for DR test preparation including the following:  scheduling planning meetings, developing pre-test and post-test issue logs, scheduling rooms, holding pre-test calls with vendors, ensuring roles are covered for DR tests, submitting change controls, managing content for the DR test, coordination of teams during DR tests, and issue tracking.
DR issues log management    
  • Responsible for working with delivery teams to identify issues during pre-test, post-test, and production support.
  • Continuously manage to the priority of the issues log ensuring that we are prepared for DR tests and events.
  • Manage the issues log process, ensuring leadership access are being reported up to the DR Program Manager.
Business Continuity (BC) integration / support    
  • Responsible for working directly with BC analysts to ensure all DR plans are properly stored in the BC tool of choice and that access is granted for all individuals that need access to the plan.
  • Ensure that any data important for BC/DR integration is shared and accessible by the BC team.
High Availability (HA) program integration    
  • Responsible for working with various technology teams to ensure HA components of the DR program are tested and meet the needs of the DR program.
  • Create and track issues related to HA changes and ensure that any technology for DR that is not included in our replication recovery plan also has a test and availability plan.
Backup program integration    
  • Responsible for working with teams directly to test backup programs on a regular cadence, ensuring the goals around backup can be executed during a DR event.
SCADA test support    
  • Work with the SCADA support teams to assist in planning and execution of SCADA system tests including scheduling infrastructure resources as needed for pre- and post-test planning.
  • Participate, as requested, to assist with live SCADA failover/DR tests.
OT DR architecture design    
  • Responsible for working with technical teams to ensure OT DR projects are completed in a timely manner, raising issues where necessary.
DR security awareness    
  • Responsible for ensuring that security platforms for HA and DR are in scope for DR tests and that scheduled changes that might impact DR are identified.