Debbie Snodgrass

Payroll Administrator

​Unofficial Title: Payroll Queen

Debbie is the one who handles everyone's money, and she is great at it. By that we mean she is in charge of all of our payroll processing. Needless to say, her job is VERY important. Debbie has been with OakTree staffing since 1996, so she has seen it through its birth until now. She is a true original!

We asked Debbie what she enjoys most about her job:

"Meeting and talking with new employees. Helping employees out when they have payroll issues."

Fun Facts:

Hobby: Spending time at the lake boating, reading, hiking, hanging out. I have a Therapy Dog and we visit nursing homes, hospitals, college campuses and other places.

Food: Dessert

Sport/Team: Oklahoma State Football/Basketball

Drink: Wine