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How we help you Succeed

Top-Tier Staffing

Since 1995, OakTree has helped many industry leaders fill many of the most coveted positions of today with the talent of tomorrow. Whether the need is for full time, direct hire employees, and contracted professionals, OakTree provides consistent results regardless of industry. Find your next position on our ever-expanding job board and start working with one of our expert technical recruiters right away.

World-Class Training

Ranking in the top 5% of Microsoft Certified Learning Partners worldwide, OakTree's team of education specialists and experienced professionals have trained and continue to offer training to many industry leaders around the globe. Online access to training and custom classes makes learning convenient for even the busiest and geographically scattered teams.

Convenient Payroll Staffing Services

Let OakTree take the headache out of managing your contract-basis talent. With Payroll Staffing Services, your company finds the contracted worker and OakTree simplifies everything else by acting as the official employer. Contracted employees can log hours on OakTree's convenient portal for a manager's review which then become a paycheck from you, through OakTree, with all the deductions. Piece of cake. 

OakTree Staffing

Not only dedicated to finding the right candidate for the job, OakTree is equally dedicated to finding the right job for the candidate. OakTree’s team of talented recruiters not only care about their duties, but the candidate as well. Building quality professional relationships that last is what sets OakTree apart.

Due Diligence

OakTree believes in quality over quantity. Our talented staff not only does their due diligence when vetting candidates for positions, we go the extra mile to make sure the candidate and company are the right fit for both parties. With our multi-step vetting process we insure that the candidate is well screened and not only qualified for a particular position, but that they are a culture fit for the company as well. This process not only insures the most qualified candidates make it through, but that perfect fit will always be found for both the candidate and client.


Training Solved

IT is always evolving and progressing. For this reason, we’re dedicated to providing a learning environment that is streamline, in depth, hands-on, and fun. As a Microsoft Certified Learning Partner, you can be rest assured that every training experience will professionally help your team meet their goals. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Step 1 - Choose your Training course
  • Step 2 - Choose your Training style
  • Step 3 - See if your company qualifies for Microsoft Training at no additional cost 
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What our clients say

  • Q: Would you recommend OakTree to friends? A: "Absolutely. It seems to me like the workers at OakTree seem like a small close family and make people feel at ease right from the start."

    Dan - Oklahoma City


  • Q: After working with OakTree, did your views or opinions change? What did OakTree do, right or wrong, to effect your experience? A: "You guys do a really good job of making employees feel like employees and not outsiders. The little gifts and cards do not go unnoticed."

    Jack - Tulsa