Who we are

In addition to being a company, OakTree is also a family. Since 1999, our account managers, training managers, recruiters, and administrative staff have maintained close relationships with clients and specialists every step of the way. Everyone is on a first-name basis and loves helping teams, clients, and job seekers thrive.

What we do

Simply put, OakTree helps companies and job seekers achieve their goals more efficiently. Whether the need is to land a coveted position, fill a crucial role, sharpen a team’s technical skills, or help manage contractors, consider it done and done professionally. OakTree has your back.

Why we do it

There are few better sensations for us than calling an applicant to say “you’ve got the job,” telling a client “we have the perfect person for that position”, or hearing “that class has helped us so much.” You’re already great at what you do —  we just want to help you be even better.