OSC Senior Analyst

Posted 15 November 2022
Location The Woodlands, United States of America
Job type Contract To Hire

Job Description

OSC Senior Analyst  

Location: The Woodlands, TX


The OSC Senior Analyst is primarily responsible for providing support for wells by
maintaining & further developing internal applications. The Analyst enables application users to provide information that minimizes non-productive time, reduces risk, aid in optimizing operations, and captures information for use throughout the organization.

The OSC Analyst is the first line of technical support for the OSC group. The OSC Analyst independently identifies possible software problems, notifies the OSC Superintendent with the findings, and applies corrections. If an issue requires a higher level of expertise, the Analyst consults the experts available to provide a solution for remedial action as quickly as possible.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Maintain Business User Develop Applications:

    •  Maintain in house applications, break fix

    •  Perform system testing & user acceptance testing with subject matter expert

    •  Ensure adequate documentation of solutions is created and maintained

  •  Application Development:

    •  Develop bolt on functionality to existing in house applications

    •  Develop new application

    •  Perform system testing & user acceptance testing with subject matter expert

  • QA/QC Data:

    •  Ensure the real-time data is streaming and the values are correct.

  • Report:

    •  Weekly work summary

    •  Project time tracking

Scope of Responsibility

Proficiency & Ability:

  • Ability to maintain & develop applications that provide statistics and graphs using Microsoft PowerBI, Excel, Microsoft Office automation with VBA, Python, and SQL

  • Able to converse effectively with all members of the OSC team.

Administrative Guidance:

  • The position will work closely with the Superintendent and leadership team.

  • Routine work is performed independently following set goals. For one of a kind tasks the supervisor will give instructions and is available for assistance when required.

  • The OSC Analyst consults with the supervisor as needed on all matters not specifically covered in the original goal or guideline.

Procedures & Practices:

  • Written and oral guides provide specific instructions for doing the work.

  • Most of these instructions are easily memorized and require little interpretation.

  • Guidelines include code best practices, source control, precedents, and files from previous projects.

  • These guidelines are generally applicable, but the employee makes adaptations in dealing with problems and unusual time constraints.


  • The Analyst considers factors, such as poor data quality, multiple data sources, and the relationship of problems and practices related to the user.

  • The workload involves knowledge sharing and identifying potential problems with current applications and providing revisions within an acceptable time.

  • In development of applications the OSC Analyst is often required to depart from past approaches and extend traditional techniques or develop new ones to meet objectives without compromising the integrity of the information.

Relationships & Interactions

  • Developing work relationships will require interaction with OSC members.

  • Presentations & regular communications pertaining to current developments & revisions