E/I QA (Quality Assurance) Specialist

Posted 05 September 2023
Location Anchorage, United States of America
Job type Contract
DisciplineEngineering & Manufacturing

Job Description

E/I QA (Quality Assurance) Specialist

Location: Anchorage, AK


Project Resource Leadership
  • Oversee project activities, which affect the quality of equipment and facilities through design, procurement, and fabrication/construction.
  • Ensure adequate resources with required technical knowledge and supporting skills to fulfill the Quality Plan are assigned to specific project teams.
  • Facilitate orientation to educate internal and external cross functional project team members on quality systems and processes to ensure expectations are understood early in the project.

Leadership of the Quality Management processes and standards:
  • Steward work procedures affecting quality, management and documentation of work processes, auditing and reporting on quality functions, and report to Quality Management on the process.
  • Ensure documentation exists for review, approval, distribution and retention of quality-related documents, records, and procedures.
  • Steward common processes to detect, track, abate, document, and communicate resolution of conditions detrimental to quality or mechanical integrity.
  • Provide oversight of contractor, fabricators, manufacturers, and suppliers to ensure formal quality programs exist within their respective work processes, that assures that work provided to COPA meets the quality requirements of the QMS standards.
  • Support the development of Quality Objectives that are consistent with CPO performance goals.
  • Maintain methods for tracking and reporting inspection and test status.

Quality Management Audits
  • Conduct quality audits/assessments, Quality Management (QM) oversight, and Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS) including evaluating the effectiveness of the system implementation.
  • Maintain Training Records
  • Oversee training records for orientation, qualifications, and certification of QM personnel.
  • Establish an audit mechanism for tracking and reporting of training and orientation status for QM resources.

Secondary Responsibilities
  • Provide knowledgeable information and analysis to project teams, Alaska Capital Projects management and COPA Technical Authorities with regards to codes, specifications, drawings, and other regulatory requirements.
  • Provide feedback on internal and external quality management performance and resources.
  • Provide recommendations and alternatives for improving efficiencies on the overall processes for quality management.

Required Skills and Experience
  • Bachelor of Engineering or Experienced Engineer (>5 years) within the oil and gas industry or Experienced Quality Assurance (>5 years) with oil and gas facilities

Leadership Competencies

The following competencies are critical to success in this role.
  • Takes Accountability
  • Drives Performance
  • Makes Decisions
  • Partners Collaboratively
  • Communicates Effectively