Database Reliability Engineer - Remote Option Available

Posted 24 March 2022
Job type Full Time

Job Description

Database Reliability Engineer - Remote Option Available

Location: Tulsa, OK or Remote in OK, GA or FL


The Database Reliability Engineer role focuses on achieving DevOps goals in the database environment: database version control, database deployment automation, and their associated workflows. Furthermore, this role
contributes to Site Reliability Engineering by addressing operational, reliability, and scale problems within the database environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support the database for a range of console, web and mobile platforms

  • Work closely with the members of the development teams to proactively identify and implement procedures to parallelize and streamline database processes

  • Contribute to database deployment task plan creation and maintenance

  • Review database related changes from engineering teams (e.g., database migrations)

  • Provide database expertise to engineering teams (for example through reviews of database migrations, queries and performance optimizations).

  • Plan the growth and manage the capacity of the database infrastructure

  • Make monitoring and alerting alert on symptoms and SLOs, and not on outages

  • Debugging of and assistance with database infrastructure issues, in coordination with relevant stakeholders

  • Document every action so your learnings turn into repeatable actions and then into automation

  • Create and maintain documentation on configuration, troubleshooting, and design

  • Support a “Shift Left” mentality for both testing and security within the development pipeline

  • Support efforts of security, performance, and availability assessments

  • Additional duties as assigned within the IT Operations team, or as assigned by the Director of IT


  • Required skills & experience:

    • Strong knowledge of distributed version control systems, such as Git

    • 5+ years experience running Oracle in an enterprise environment

    • 2+ years experience with infrastructure automation and configuration management

    • Solid understanding of SQL and PL/SQL

    • Solid knowledge of the internals of Oracle Database

    • Experience implementing migration based database versioning

    • Possess data modeling and data structure design skills

    • Strong knowledge of CI/ALM tool sets such as GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, Jenkins

    • Competent in scripting languages

    • Ability to administer Linux/Unix systems

    • Some level of experience with security and compliance frameworks (PCI DSS preferred)

  • Prudent communication within a hybrid-remote team using optimal communication channels (chat, email, ticketing, voice/video conferencing) and techniques like active listening and active inquiry.

  • Demonstrable project planning, task management, and organizational skills with attention to detail and follow-through

  • Detailed documentation, critical thinking, research, and problem solving skills