Data Insight Analyst 2

Posted 30 August 2022
Location Chandler, United States of America
Job type Contract

Job Description

Data Insight Analyst 2

Location: Chandler, AZ


  • Understanding and experience in specifying, collecting, processing, and presenting information from potentially several disparate data sets.

  • Generates actionable knowledge from data.

  • Possesses analytical and problem-solving skills necessary for quickly developing recommendations based on quantitative and qualitative data from many different types of sources.

  • Ability to identify patterns and higher-level information from all the data sources through the use of tools and application programming.

  • Understands the general problem space and is confident in explaining the different insights generated from the data.

  • Minimum of 1 year of working experience with Electronic, Electrical, and Electromechanical (EEE) parts preferred.

  • High School Diploma with a 2-year Associate's degree or greater preferred.