Coordinator Construction Reg

Posted 21 September 2022
Location Oklahoma City, United States of America
Job type Contract

Job Description

Coordinator Construction Reg

Location: Oklahoma City, OK


  • Responsible to perform duties safely to adherence with IIF (Incident and Injury Free) culture.

  • Responsible for coordination of activities associated with the construction and maintenance of transmission and/or distribution line facilities to assure maximum productivity.

Level of Responsibility:

  • Complex responsibilities related to primary focus of job area.

  • Works under minimal supervision.

  • Resolves most questions and problems.

  • Refers only the most complex issues to higher levels.

  • Fully understands principles of technical field.

Primary Duties:

  • Promote a safety culture by performing duties consistent with IIF.

  • Assists the Supervisor and/or Scheduler in the coordination, planning and proper work assignments for both internal and external construction crews.

  • May act as the primary contact for contractors or company crews, as appropriate.

  • Responsible for authorizing and communicating changes in project scope to contractors or company crews, as needed.

  • Manages, coordinates, and schedules materials to ensure proper completion of project and ensures that excess material is returned, as required.

  • Assists construction crews in the field by delivering materials, transporting equipment and assisting in the operation of equipment, as needed.

  • Performs job site inspections to confirm job-site readiness and coordinates necessary resources to optimize manpower and equipment utilization.

  • Responsible for verifying that locates have been obtained, jobs have been staked and necessary engineering prints are available.

  • May monitor and assess progress for contractors, as needed.

  • Ensure corrective actions are taken as necessary to ensure performance against contract and standards.

  • Coordinates construction activities with other departments and outside entities as required.

  • Arranges for the purchase or rental of tools and equipment as needed for crews.

  • Requests switching and prepares switching orders and verifies the availability for line clearances and line switching through proper operating authority.

  • Performs switching as necessary.

  • Primary contact for contract crews on company property.

  • Responsible for authorizing and communicating changes in scope. Coordinates scheduling and construction of all Break/Fix projects.

  • Responsible for communicating the completion of work to the Project Owner and Resource Coordination.

  • Responsible for assisting the crews in the field during service restoration efforts which may include coordinating service restoration activities, arranging for meals, lodging and coordination of materials and equipment.

  • Assists with the investigation of damage claims.

  • Maintains a positive working relationship with all departments of the Company to assure timely and efficient construction, maintenance or restoration of service to customers.

  • Responsible for checking and verifying material lists and waving material for delivery.

  • May perform duties of qualified observer when called upon in the field.

  • Verify the Foreman's copy has been submitted and complete all necessary paperwork and ensure proper routing.

  • Provide assistance to contractor with hot line holds and switching.

  • Responsible for coordinating with Heavy Hauling for delivery of material and equipment.

Working Conditions:

  • Requires wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  • May be required to maintain permanent residence within 30 minute driving time to assigned work location.

  • May be required to work overtime and weekends and holidays.

  • May be required to work non-standard work schedules to include on- call.

  • May be exposed to extreme conditions and inclement weather.

  • Maintain or obtain all required certifications (e.g., switchman).

  • May be required to successfully pass a comprehensive background check and meet requirements to obtain and maintain clearance to access government facilities (i.e. Tinker Air Force Base, Courthouse, etc.), as needed.

Knowledge, Skill and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of transmission and distribution underground and overhead line facilities including switching.

  • Strong computer skill including Microsoft office suite, SAP, Mobile Data Unit (MDU), and other company supported software.

  • Strong ability to work in partnership with other members.

  • Ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing.

  • Ability to interact effectively and professionally with team members, leaders, and customers.

  • Ability to troubleshoot, diagnosis problems, and resolve effectively.

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.

  • Ability to understand and comply with company policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  • Demonstrated ability to adjust and adapt across varied working conditions.

Experience/Education Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or GED. One (1) year journey-level Lineman with Distribution experience within the past Five (5) years.