Tristan Lacey

Recruiting Associate

Tristan is one of our Recruiting Associates in the Non-IT department of OakTree. He started working for OakTree in November 2021. When we asked him what is the best part of his job, he said:

"I’d say the people, both internally and externally. Internally, I have an amazing team and manager, along with having awesome relationships with those on other teams and in the back office. “The people make the place.” Externally, the conversations and professional relationships that we develop with our candidates is where the fruitfulness of our work is realized. Most everyone I work with is pleasant and grateful, and a joy to speak with."

Fun Facts:

Sport/Team: "Very tough question, as I enjoy a lot of sports and a lot of teams. I played most sports growing up, and I enjoy watching them all as well. Let’s just say my ‘favorite’ sport is one that is currently in season! The Dallas Cowboys break my heart every year, but we can mark them down as one of my favorite teams for simplicity’s sake."

Food: "I love soup. I enjoy it no matter the season."

Drink: "If I was given an ultimatum where I could only drink one thing for the rest of my life.. I’d still choose water. Honestly nothing beats it."

Movie: "If I could consider the entire Star Wars franchise as ‘one movie’, I’d say Star Wars. But my all-time favorite solo movie has to be Inception. Christopher Nolan is the man."