Salina Ornelas

Business Development Manager

Unofficial Title: SME of Office Candy

Salina is one of our Account Managers and has been with OakTree since July of 2018. The main function of her role is to diversify business by creating and nurturing relationships with both new and existing clients. Since we scored with adding Salina to our team, she has created many new partnerships for us that will continue into the future as we grow the company. She is passionate about the staffing industry as a whole, and it really shows through her work.

"I enjoy the relationships side. I also love adding value for our clients through Staffing, consulting, and current market trends. When my clients and team are happy, it is the best feeling."

Fun Facts:

Sport/Team: Baseball - Cubbies

Food: All of the foods - Especially noodle dishes, spicy and seafood

Drink: Gin Cocktails

Movie: The Great Outdoors - I've never been bored watching it... classic and funny.