“Tell Me About Yourself” – How To Craft Your Job Interview Elevator Pitch (5 FAQs)

After agonizing over a resume and then sending it out like releasing doves into the world, you finally receive a call that a hiring manager would like to meet with you. Congratulations! You’ve overcome a major hurdle in the job search process! While some celebration is in order, quickly regather yourself because a new daunting task is still ahead — the job interview. While many choose to immediately focus on how to best answer questions they feel that a hiring manager may ask them, they may find themselves blindsided by six little words: “Tell me a little about yourself.” Not having a solid “elevator pitch” out of the gate in a job interview can create a disastrous first impression and potentially derail the entire experience. In this piece, we’re going to dissect the idea of a job interview elevator pitch using five frequently asked questions. (more…)

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