How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Attractive To Recruiters (According To Actual Recruiters)

If you’re looking for a new job, trying to attract the attention of recruiters on LinkedIn is a great first step into that new position. With that being said, there are only so many recruiters on LinkedIn and a plethora of qualified candidates for the positions they are working to fill. Despite a slight imbalance in positions-to-candidates, it is still a candidate’s market. How do you make your LinkedIn profile attractive to recruiters? Rather than speculate, we talked to five experienced technical recruiters from OakTree Staffing in Tulsa, OK to determine how you can make your LinkedIn profile as appealing and attractive as possible. (more…)

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Leveraging Job Rejection: How To Make The Most of Being Turned Down For a Job

We’ve all been there — you had a great rapport with a recruiter or hiring manager and aside from a few snags, the job interview went pretty well. Maybe you even had several job interviews for the same role that all seemed promising. Still, after a little bit of time had passed, you received that dreaded job rejection letter.

“… we have decided to pursue other candidates…

While job rejection can sting, there’s no reason to feel like you have wasted your time in pursuing a job with this particular organization. Sure, they turned you down this time, but you’re now on their radar. In this piece, we’re going to look at how to leverage job rejection — how to make the most out of being turned down for a job. (more…)

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