This Or That: Josh Stearns, Recruiter

Get to know Josh Stearns, Recruiter for OakTree Staffing & Training

In order to meet our team in a fun way, we’ve started a new series called “This Or That” to help you learn more about the members of our team. In this episode, we bounce questions off our own Josh Stearns. Josh is a Recruiter here at OakTree and one of the nicest, most down to earth people you’d ever hope to meet.


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4 Ways Employee Training Pays Out

“Is employee training really worth the hassle?”

Some businesses see employee training as an unnecessary expense and expect new employees to learn on the job and from more experienced employees. While it can sound nice to keep everything in-house, this type of training is often inadequate, inefficient, and can actually infect your company with one or more employees’ bad work habits. (more…)

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Weekend Plans in Tulsa & OKC – Oct 27-29, 2017 (Podcast)

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What’s happening everyone and welcome to our Halloween…ish episode of Weekend Plans in Tulsa & OKC. I say “ish” because Halloween isn’t officially until Tuesday, but you wouldn’t know that be looking at this events calendar!


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