5 Ways That Volunteering Can Help Your Job Search

Job search need a shot in the arm? Consider volunteering.

Trying to find a position when one has a very precise specification can very difficult. Even while there may be demand for a specific skill, employers frequently look for well-rounded workers whose resumes show that they also have leadership, team management or project management skills. So, what is a job hunter to do when they’ve spent their career, however long that may be, simply honing a singular skill and not growing other sought-after skills? One option you may not have considered could be volunteering. The following are five ways volunteering can help your job search and your career in general. (more…)

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Bad Employee References And How To Give Them [In 4 Steps]

Let’s a paint a familiar scenario: You’re a mid-level employee for a fairly established company. You pride yourself on being a punctual, cordial, and skilled employee who delights in a job well done. Despite this, a colleague of yours has no such pride. They are frequently late, their work lacks quality, and their attitude could use some adjustment. Plainly put, while you smile and greet them in the morning, you have Force-choked them like Darth Vadar many times in your mind. (more…)

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