8 Tips To Achieve Work-Life Balance Through Separation

Obtaining work-life balance has never been more difficult.

“Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” As nice a sentiment as this seemingly age-old pearl is, it is possible for even those who work in their dream jobs to need to separate themselves from their careers every so often. Establishing and maintaining a carefully calculated equilibrium in how you spend your time and focus is the key to being able to dedicate the best version of yourself to the professional world as well as friends and family members. (more…)

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“Tell Me About Yourself” – How To Craft Your Job Interview Elevator Pitch (5 FAQs)

After agonizing over a resume and then sending it out like releasing doves into the world, you finally receive a call that a hiring manager would like to meet with you. Congratulations! You’ve overcome a major hurdle in the job search process! While some celebration is in order, quickly regather yourself because a new daunting task is still ahead — the job interview. While many choose to immediately focus on how to best answer questions they feel that a hiring manager may ask them, they may find themselves blindsided by six little words: “Tell me a little about yourself.” Not having a solid “elevator pitch” out of the gate in a job interview can create a disastrous first impression and potentially derail the entire experience. In this piece, we’re going to dissect the idea of a job interview elevator pitch using five frequently asked questions. (more…)

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7 Job Search Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

Has it been a while since you’ve looked for a new job? Even if it’s only been a short while since you’ve had to restart everyone’s least-favorite job of job hunting, getting a refresher on how to proceed in a job search always a good idea. Equally important is the subject of this article — what not to do during a job search. Take a peek at this helpful list of what pitfalls to avoid when embarking upon a new job search. (more…)

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Bad Employee References And How To Give Them [In 4 Steps]

Let’s a paint a familiar scenario: You’re a mid-level employee for a fairly established company. You pride yourself on being a punctual, cordial, and skilled employee who delights in a job well done. Despite this, a colleague of yours has no such pride. They are frequently late, their work lacks quality, and their attitude could use some adjustment. Plainly put, while you smile and greet them in the morning, you have Force-choked them like Darth Vadar many times in your mind. (more…)

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