Three Reasons You Should Try IT Contracting

Three Reasons You Should Try IT Contracting

IT contractors are in greater demand now than ever before. With ever-changing business and technological landscapes across a variety of fields, contractors are often turned to as a flexible resource to help existing teams. As an IT professional, you may want to give contracting a try — there are many benefits. Here are just three great reasons to consider IT contracting.

It Provides Personal Freedom and Increased Experience

Many contractors are granted flexible working hours, and many work remotely. This is a fantastic way to achieve a proper work-life balance and schedule your work around the requirements of everyday life: children, appointments, outside interests, etc. Plus, contracting gives you additional experience with different teams, corporate structures, and technologies. It’s a great way to advance your skillset and upgrade your resume, all while enjoying a great measure of personal freedom.

It’s a Great Networking Tool

Throughout your journey as an IT contractor, you’ll meet new people and develop important professional connections. Building your network is an important career-development tool, and you just never know when one of those connections will benefit you in the future. Whether it’s providing a great reference for a job in the future or hiring you on as a contractor for another gig, other professionals that you’ve networked with through your contracting journey can come through in ways you’ll never expect.

It Lets You Earn More

One of the most concrete benefits of contracting in the IT world is that you have the potential to earn more — possibly much more — than your officially employed counterparts. Contractors are in high demand, so you can command a high rate. Plus, since you’ll be responsible for the share of taxes that an employer would typically cover, you can charge much more. And you can work as a contractor for multiple clients at the same time, assuming that your schedule permits it and you’re not violating any non-compete agreements. That can send your earning potential through the roof!

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