Standing Out as a Developer Candidate

Standing Out as a Developer Candidate

There are plenty of developers out there — more than ever before, in fact. And as developers continue to learn more and more just by teaching themselves or researching online, how can you make yourself stand out? Here are four tips for making your own mark as a developer so that you continue to grow and secure new clients.

Gain More Skills

It’s the same in almost any career path — gaining more skills helps to set you apart from other programmers in your field. The more skills you have, the more marketable you are to a wider audience. And you won’t have to turn projects or clients down just because you don’t have the necessary skills. Investing in yourself by learning more skills, whether it’s learning a different programming language or teaching yourself about app development, will pay dividends in the future.

Develop Your Niche

In addition to learning more skills, drilling down within those skill sets is another great way to help yourself stand out as a developer candidate. It’s all about developing a niche expertise — that way, you’ll make yourself the expert in that particular area and clients won’t have anyone to turn to but you. Focus on a field and become ultra-specialized, whether it’s developing in WordPress, becoming an expert in the CakePHP framework, or specializing in any other language or software platform.

Think from the Client’s Perspective

Some of the most successful developers have realized something: most clients do not speak their language. Remember to look at things from the client’s perspective, not the perspective of a developer. That means putting things into laymen’s terms when necessary; rather than telling the client you’ll help them develop “responsive websites” tell them that you’ll be developing websites that allow visitors to browse with ease. Connecting with your clients in this manner really helps you to stand out, simply because they can understand what it is you’re offering.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Last but not least: try to get out of your comfort zone as a developer. It’s one of the best ways to push yourself, and ultimately make yourself stand out as a candidate. If something seems too easy or mundane, it probably is — try to leave your comfort zone and try something that intimidates you or makes you a little uncomfortable.

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