How to Embrace Teamwork as an IT Contractor

How to Embrace Teamwork as an IT Contractor

IT professionals have a bit of a reputation as lone wolves. This could be especially true if you’re an IT contractor and are only on a job site for a specified period. But teamwork is essential for the functionality of any project or business goal. So, how do you embrace teamwork when you’re an IT professional, especially as a contractor?

Be Flexible

Anyone who has worked in the IT field, or with technology in general, knows that every project is going to hit a snag at some point or another. A team member who reacts poorly in those situations isn’t a team player — if someone keeps dwelling on the problem without offering solutions, or blames someone else for the mishap, nothing gets done. So do your best to remain flexible with every project, because it’s a great way to be a better team player.

Celebrate Others

The best members of any team give credit where it’s due, rather than taking it all for themselves. Celebrate your fellow team members and their contributions and accomplishments — it’s what teamwork is all about. This can take the form of a formal recognition, or just a pat on the back and a “job well done” when something goes particularly well. In either case, your team will appreciate it.

Avoid the Gossip

One thing that makes a team unravel quickly is gossip. Don’t stoop to that level and gossip about coworkers or talk about your boss behind their back. Rather than spreading a layer of negativity underneath your entire project, focus on the positives and rise above the office politics and unproductive banter. The whole team will be better off for it!

Do Your Best Work

It sounds obvious, but putting your best foot forward and turning in your absolute best, every time, is another great way to embrace teamwork and make your project go smoothly. The weakest link in any team, yours included, is the member who doesn’t pull their weight. Don’t be that person! Do your best work at all times to maintain the core integrity of your team.

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