Tough Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Tough Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Hiring managers and HR professionals don’t just ask you tough interview questions to watch you squirm. These questions are designed to provide a unique insight into how you think and how you approach problems — key factors in the IT field and many other disciplines. But that doesn’t make answering these questions any easier.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common tough interview questions, and how you can go about answering them in the best way.

What Are Your Biggest Weaknesses? 

Listing off every weakness you have isn’t exactly the approach you’ll want to take when asked this question. The trick is to answer in a way that flips the script and frames you in a positive light. Try describing a weakness and then telling the interviewer what you’re doing to combat it, i.e. “I think I can be a better leader than I am now… that’s why I’ve recently signed up for a Management Training course.” 

How Do You Handle Stress? 

Stress wouldn’t be a problem if everyone handled it perfectly. Let’s face it: handling stress isn’t easy, but it’s something that you’ll have to face on an almost daily basis. If you’re asked this question in an interview, guide the hiring manager through your process for handling stress: remaining calm, looking at the options you have, and carefully selecting the best one. You might also mention that you ask for help when you need it, which demonstrates that you’re a team player and value the input of your coworkers.

Why Are You Leaving Your Current Position?

It’s tempting to start bad-mouthing your previous place of employment or boss when you’re asked this question. Don’t do it. Many hiring managers and other hiring professionals use this question as an insight into your character. After all, no one wants to work with a vindictive, unprofessional coworker. Put it in a positive light — tell the interviewer that you’re looking to grow and are looking forward to a better opportunity with their company.

Why Shouldn’t We Hire You? 

One of the trickiest questions of all is “why shouldn’t we hire you?” The interviewer doesn’t want to hear that there is no reason not to hire you. So what do you say? Your best bet is to frame a flaw as an advantage, like this: “You shouldn’t hire me if you don’t want a professional interacting with customers. I’ve made it my mission to incorporate customer-service skills into my technical knowledge.” 

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