5 Soft Skills That Are Useful in Your Developer Career

5 Soft Skills That Are Useful in Your Developer Career

Software developers obviously must possess the technical skills to do their jobs properly. That doesn’t mean that those skills are all that’s needed, though. It turns out that a few basic “soft skills” are just as important in your career as a developer! Master these, and you’ll have the best chance of not just succeeding, but thriving.


When you work as a developer, you have to be flexible. Things can change at a moments’ notice — a new idea, a different approach, changed minds on the part of the client… the possibilities are endless. Being able to adapt naturally to these adjustments, rather than becoming bogged down by them, is an essential soft skill to possess.

Critical Thinking Skills

You won’t get very far as a developer in the working world without good critical thinking skills. This applies to the code you write as well as the work you do beyond that. Thinking critically about how to pitch an idea to your client, how to explain something to your boss, or how to work within your team is very important. There are often multiple solutions to problems, and thinking before you act will serve you well.


You might not think empathy is all that important in your career as a software developer, but you would be mistaken. Trying to understand another person’s perspective is something that gets at the very heart of what it is that you do — you’ll have to understand the client or customer’s perspective, and possibly that of another developer. You won’t get far without it!

Communication Skills

Sometimes, developers like to act as lone wolves and don’t enjoy working with a team. Break out of this stereotype and develop some good communication skills, and you’ll be putting yourself ahead of the pack when it comes to your developer career. A developer that can write outstanding, functional, and clean code and communicate his or her thoughts and ideas at the same time is a real asset to almost any company.

The Willingness to Learn

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you know everything there is to know about software development. Demonstrating a willingness and eagerness to continue learning is a valuable soft skill that will serve you well throughout your career.

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