Why It’s Essential to Build a Great Relationship With Your Recruiter

Why It’s Essential to Build a Great Relationship With Your Recruiter

Working with a recruiter like OakTree staffing is a fantastic way to succeed in your IT career. But it’s about more than sitting back and letting someone else do the work for you. Developing a great relationship with your recruiter is what’s at the heart of a successful recruiter-candidate dynamic.

Here are just three of the many reasons why it’s essential to form a great relationship with your recruiter:

You’ll Get The Positions You Want

First and foremost: when you develop an open and honest relationship with your recruiter, you’ll secure the positions you want, whether they’re contract gigs or full-time work. Your recruiter will know all the details of your work history, your strengths and weakness, and — perhaps most importantly — what you want out of your work placement. The better relationship the two of you have, the better positions you’ll have a chance to fill.

You’ll Be Set Up for the Future

Even if your recruiter sets you up with a great gig and you don’t need anything else from them at the moment, it’s important to maintain that relationship. That’s because it’s an important asset for your future. You just never know when it might be time to reach out to that recruiter again. Your recruiter can also continue to send you openings for other contracts or other positions that you might be interested in taking a look at. There’s never any harm in keeping your options open, and you’ll be able to do just that with a great recruiter relationship.

You’ll Grow Your Professional Network

Your recruiter can now be a part of your ever-important professional network. Remember: your recruiter’s job is to find you the best positions possible — it never hurts to have that person in your corner! Make sure to connect with your recruiter on LinkedIn and stay in touch, because it’s a relationship that you don’t want to drift away from moving forward. Plus, you never know who else your recruiter might connect you with. It’s all about building and maintaining relationships.

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