5 Questions You Should Be Asking at the End of the Interview

5 Questions You Should Be Asking at the End of the Interview

When you’re sitting in the hot seat during an IT job interview, it’s easy to forget that the interview is also a chance for you to ask questions to learn more about whether the job is a fit for you. When the hiring manager asks if you have any questions, use this time strategically. Great questions help you make an informed decision about the job, but they also show the hiring manager that you are a serious candidate who has thought about your alignment with the role. Here are five questions you should ask at the end of the interview.

What Are the Goals for This Role for the first 30 Days?

“What is a typical day like,” is an extremely common question that IT candidates ask. Asking about goals takes it to the next level, showing that you’re thinking about expectations. For your benefit, it tells you what you will be working on and what the employer will prioritize in the first 30 days. It will also tell you how well the company plans. If the hiring manager cannot articulate goals, it could be a sign that the company is disorganized.

What Types of People Succeed Here?

What you want to hear in the answer is a list of skills and attributes of top performers that describe you. If it sounds like the hiring manager is listing off your best skills and qualities, you will likely thrive at the organization. If she describes someone who sounds nothing like you, then the job and the company might not be a fit.

What Are the Opportunities for Growth and Development?

Asking this question will give you insight into the structure of the company and whether there are opportunities to grow your career there. If advancing is a priority, you won’t want to accept a job from a company that doesn’t promote from within or supports employee development.

How Are Achievements Celebrated?

This question can help you get a feel for the company culture. If you’re looking for a place that offers bonuses, celebratory happy hours, extra days off for working long and hard hours, performance-based pay increases or bonuses, you might not enjoy a company that only hands out cost-of-living raises once a year and doesn’t go out of its way to recognize achievement.

Do You Have Any Reservations About My Skills or Experience?

Asking this bold question can take courage, but it is a great question to ask. It lets you address head-on any reservations the hiring manager may have. If you don’t ask this question, you may never have a chance to clear up any misconceptions the hiring manager has or fill in any blanks.

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