How to Extend Your Contract Job Into Full-Time Employment

How to Extend Your Contract Job Into Full-Time Employment

Contract work is a great choice for many individuals, both in the IT sector and in other fields. Depending on your circumstance, though, you may be interested in joining the company you’ve been placed with on a full-time basis after your contract is up. The question is, how exactly do you go about extending your contract into full-time employment?

Negotiate Through Your Recruiter

In many cases, the easiest and most effective way to extend your contract into a full-time gig — or at least get the idea into the heads of your managers — is to negotiate a full-time offer with the help of your recruiter. Remember: recruiters are professional career managers, and their only goal is to get you the position that you desire. Acting as the intermediary between you and your company, your recruiter can come to an agreement with your company about hours, pay, benefits, and everything else that comes along with full-time employment.

Show Your Value

Remember: your boss doesn’t have much of a reason to hire you on full-time if you’re not valuable to the company. It’s important that you show your value and make a realistic case for why you should be hired on full-time. Demonstrate to your manager or supervisor that you’ve moved the company’s goals forward in some way; perhaps you’ve helped implement a new campaign that ultimately helped sales, or overhauled a technological system to make things work more smoothly.

Be Honest About What You Want

Above all, make sure you’re honest about what you want out of the job and company, whether you’re negotiating through your recruiter or speaking to your boss directly. Make it clear up front what you expect and why you deserve it. Pay attention to the language that you’re using — rather than saying “I have the hours available, so I think it makes sense that I’m full-time,” say “I really enjoy being a part of the team here, and I think I can contribute even more by signing on full-time.”

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