How to Make Your Experience With Your Recruiter Successful

How to Make Your Experience With Your Recruiter Successful

Are you in the market for a new career opportunity? Working with an experienced recruiter is a fantastic way to not only find a job, but improve your interviewing skills and professional persona at the same time.

Be Honest

First things first: Be honest with your recruiter. Don’t be afraid to share information about your professional life and job history with your recruiter; they’re not here to judge, they’re here to help you find your next position. If you’ve job hopped for a number of years or if you have significant gaps in employment, don’t sugarcoat or hide it. It’s very important you’re completely honest on your resume and while talking with the recruiter themselves.

Be Clear

Make it clear from the get-go what kind of work you’re hoping for, as well as what level of position, what type of company culture, what type of hierarchy in an organization, etc. Being as clear and specific as possible about these factors makes it that much easier for your recruiter to find positions that suit your desires. That way, you’re one step closer to being connected with your dream job.

Take Constructive Criticism

Part of a recruiter’s job is to help you improve yourself as a job candidate. That means improving your personal brand – including your resume and cover letter, online presence, social media and other pertinent areas – as well as your interviewing skills. Take your recruiter’s constructive criticism well; if you get defensive, you’re not helping anyone. Use that constructive criticism to improve, and there will be no stopping you.

Trust the Process

A final tip for getting the most out of your experience with a recruiter: trust the process. Remember, this is the recruiter’s area of expertise; it’s what they’re trained in and it’s what they do best. The process might not work overnight, but every resume upgrade you complete and every interview you go on gets you closer to your ultimate goal: the rewarding job and lasting career you deserve.

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