Finding Your Next Job on Social Media

Finding Your Next Job on Social Media

The days of mailing cover letters or stopping in at a company’s front desk to hand over your resume are long over. Today, the vast majority of job hunting is done virtually. Social media is a powerful online tool for those seeking new employment opportunities — using social media to your advantage can mean the difference between staying where you are and landing your dream job!

Let’s take a look at some key tips for finding your next job on social media.

Make Yourself Presentable Online

Before you even start searching, it’s important to make sure you’re presentable in the online world. First of all, refrain from posting any content on your personal pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) that could be viewed in a negative light, or set these profiles to “private” so they can’t be seen by the general public. Pay attention to reviews and comments you leave around the web.

When it comes to professional social media platforms (LinkedIn, namely), it’s important to make yourself shine. Add a professional headshot for that authoritative aura. Solidify your profile with a clean, polished resume, and highlight your biggest accomplishments throughout. Provide links to showcase your best work.

Research Employers

Social media also presents a great opportunity to research an employer you’re interested in working for. Examining the company’s social pages gives you an idea of the company culture, the business’s goals and the people who work there.

Reach Out to Recruiters or Department Heads

If you find the profile of a member of the company’s human resources department or the head of a particular department you’re interested in learning more about, you can reach out to them via social media. This approach is best reserved for LinkedIn, although it can also be done successfully on Twitter. Keep your message professional and simple; explain you’ve done research on the company and are interested in learning more about them and provide a brief description of yourself and your qualifications.

Join Groups

Social media is also great for joining industry-specific groups or collectives. This is a great way to connect with others in your field, including employers, and users often post job openings or freelance opportunities on these pages. Maintaining an active presence in these groups just might be your ticket to your next big career move!

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