“Tell Me About Yourself.” How to Nail Your Personal Pitch in an Interview

“Tell Me About Yourself.” How to Nail Your Personal Pitch in an Interview

“Tell me a little bit about yourself.”

Often, it’s the very first question you’ll be asked in a job interview. Your response is the first impression the hiring manager will get, and it sets the tone for the entire conversation. Put simply, nailing this question is a very big deal! Here are a few tips for answering in a way that will make a great first impression and, hopefully, get you the job.

DON’T Get Personal

It’s tempting to launch into a monologue about your personal life and your entire backstory, but that’s not what the hiring manager or recruiter is really looking for. Ultimately, they want to learn about you in a professional sense. Play it safe and don’t get personal, unless some personal detail is relevant to the job you’re interviewing for.

DON’T Trash Your Former Employers

When you trash your former boss or place of employment, you look petty and resentful. Those aren’t qualities that make you attractive to any company. Plus, it makes it seem like you’re only looking for a new job because of your bad experience with your former employer. Under no circumstances should you bad-mouth your former company, boss, or coworkers.

DO Explain Your Experience

The hiring manager or recruiter already knows that you’re qualified for the job thanks to your resume. You don’t have to explain your qualifications, but it is important to go over your experience. Let the interviewer know what you’ve accomplished in the past and how your experience prepares you well for this position.

DO Explain Why You Applied

A great way to really “wow” hiring managers is to explain why you chose to apply to the job. This is a great time to explain how the company’s values line up with your own, and how your skill set and experience will help advance their mission in the future.

DO Mention Your Goals

Wrap up your personal pitch with an explanation of your goals; what do you hope to get out of the position, and how do you hope to benefit the company’s customers and fellow employees? This lets the hiring manager know that you’re already thinking about what you can do as a member of their team.

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