Here’s Why You Should Take That Interview – Even if You Aren’t Looking

Here’s Why You Should Take That Interview – Even if You Aren’t Looking

Say you’re perfectly happy in your current position. Out of nowhere, an HR manager or recruiter contacts you about a job opening. What do you do?

Interviewing for the position, even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, is usually your best bet! Here are four reasons why you should take that interview even if you’re not looking for a new opportunity.

You Never Know What You Might Find

Here’s the first reason you ought to take a job interview, even if you’re not looking for a new job: you just never know what you might find. It’s possible that you’ll discover a position that you qualify perfectly for, and one that offers higher pay and better benefits at the same time. Even if the salary and benefits are similar to what you enjoy currently, the position could offer a better culture fit or allow you to expand your skillset, setting you up well for the future. If you refuse the interview, you might miss out on a great opportunity!

You Can Gauge the Job Market

Going to interviews and chatting with recruiters or managers is a great way to gauge the job market. Things may have changed since the time you started at your current position — trends, methods of performing certain tasks, the way teams are laid out, etc. You’ll also be able to get a sense of how in-demand your position is within your job field.

It’s a Networking Opportunity

Remember: interviewing with other companies is a fantastic way to network. Having a connection of other industry professionals in your field can come in handy later, whether you’re looking for a new job opportunity or you know someone else who is. Consider that job interview a great networking opportunity, even if you think it’s unlikely you would accept an offer.

It’s Good Practice

Last but not least, taking the job interview is a good way to maintain your interviewing skills themselves. If you’ve been at your current position for some time, your interviewing chops might be a little rusty — why not practice by taking the interview and seeing where it gets you?

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