Do You Know Your Five-Year Plan?

Do You Know Your Five-Year Plan?

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

It’s a question almost all of us have had to answer on a job interview at some point, and it’s a question that can leave you stumped if you’re not prepared for it. As a job seeker, one of the best things you can do is formulate a five-year plan for yourself — not only to impress the recruiter or hiring manager who is interviewing you, but to take the right steps to make sure your career is on track!

Why Make a Five-Year Plan?

It’s important to have goals, both short term and long term — without them, you’ll never grow. A five-year career plan provides you with a concrete set of steps to follow to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. It also keeps you honest; when you check yourself against the plan you’ve laid out, you can see where you’ve come from and where you need to go next.

How Do I Make My Five-Year Plan?

Here’s how to start constructing your own five-year plan:

  • Step #1: Think about what you want your career and life to look like in five years. Perhaps you want to be a supervisor, start your own business or be in a position to support a family. Write this goal down.
  • Step #2: Set short-term goals. Consider what you can do in the first year to work toward your five-year career goal. These should be specific goals such as making “x” amount more money per year, taking on more responsibility, learning a new skill, etc. Then, begin thinking about what you can do in two years, or three.
  • Step #3: Make a list of action steps. You’ll be able to reference this list to see exactly what you need to do to reach your short-term goals, as well as your ultimate five-year goal. These action steps might include things like taking a course to learn a new skill, asking for more tasks at work, or negotiating a pay raise.

What If I Hit Roadblocks Along the Way?

As you set about putting your five-year plan into action, you’ll undoubtedly hit roadblocks. Circumstances change, companies shift objectives, work relationships falter … the important thing is don’t give up. Your five-year plan is flexible for just that reason, so adjust as needed to keep achieving your goals.

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