Weekend Plans in Tulsa – March 1-4, 2018 [Podcast]

Weekend Plans in Tulsa – March 1-4, 2018 [Podcast]

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Welcome one and all to another episode of Weekend Plans in Tulsa, your commute-length, dishwasher-loading length, sorry excuse for a workout length podcast that helps you plan out your weekend in Tulsa. We do this by bringing you a variety of events and music that you may want to check out. As a reminder, a full transcript of this podcast, as well as any associated event links, can be found on this episode’s page at https://www.oaktreestaffing.com/blog/.

I just have to remind you all that this podcast is brought to you by the one and only OakTree Staffing & Training in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Let’s just face it — you would rather peel a raw onion apart with your bare hands than search for a new job. It’s brutal! Why put yourself through that when you can work with a career professional through OakTree Staffing & Training so they can peel those onions for you. In addition to jobs, finding the right training for your team can also be a confusing mess. When you work with the friendly training staff of OakTree, they can help you find employee training that fits your budget, your schedule, and your learning style. If your organization is a Microsoft customer, there’s even a chance that your team can receive Microsoft training on the house — compliments of Microsoft. To learn about either of these wonderful parts of OakTree, visit https://www.oaktreestaffing.com and tell them from Weekend Plans in Tulsa! Let’s hop into the events!

Happening Friday through Sunday is the live version of one of your favorites – Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Join Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregard, Mike Teavee, and Charlie’s disability-faking Grandpa Joe as they explore Willy Wonka’s wonderful chocolate factory. This will be performed at the Tulsa Little Theatre at 1511 S Delaware with ticket information at http://www.encore-tulsa.com/

On Saturday night, head out to Circle Cinema for a discussion with author Tim Clavin, who wrote the New York Times Best Seller “Dodge City: Wyatt Earp and the Wickedest Town in the West. For additional event details, visit http://www.magiccitybooks.com

Also on Saturday, enjoy the Will Eisner Comic Fest at the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art. The event will celebrate the career of Will Eisner, a comic book innovator of the ’30s and ’40s as well as celebrating comic book culture of today — including a showcase of graphic novels, a local artist’s table, panel discussions and even a cosplay contest. If you’re a comic book enthusiastic, head over to http://jewishmuseum.net and learn more about this event.

If vintage cars are more your thing, don’t miss Arnold’s Annual Car Show out at Arnold’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers at 1722 W 51st Street this Saturday. To learn more, visit http://facebook.com/green.country.classic.mustangs for details.

This Saturday night, get ready for Purim! Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the triumph of Mordechai (YAY) over the evil Haman (BOO!) as written about in the Book of Esther. How is it traditionally commemorated, you ask? With a costume party and drinking of course and there’s better Purim party than the one taking place this Saturday night at Inner Circle Vodka Bar, as hosted by the Jewish Federation of Tulsa. The cost is $10, but you get in free if you dress like royalty. Learn more at http://jewishtulsa.org


Fill out your Sunday night with the We Are Tulsa Awards at Whiskey 918. This T-Town centric awards night will feature performances by the Barrett Lewis Band, Jeremiah Kirby, and many others. Visit http://www.wearetulsamusic.com for more information.


– Paul Benjaman at the Mercury Lounge
– Those Far Out Arrows, The Dull Drums, and The Mules at Soundpony
– Jacob Tovar’s Western Night at the Colony
– Packing For Pluto, Magic Munchbox and Zunis at The Yeti
– Matisyahu at Cain’s Ballroom
– Jake Flint at River Spirit Casino

– The Avett Brothers at Cox Business Center
– Dirtbox Wailers at Blackbird On Pearl
– Earth, Wind & Fire at the River Spirit Casino
– Porter Union at Mercury Lounge
– Easton Corbin at the Hard Rock Casino in Catoosa
– Rosy Hips at the Hunt Club
– Whiskey Misters, Seven Feathers, and Robert Hoefling at the Shine
– Dan Martin Band at the Colony
– Lost on Acoustica at George’s Pub in Jenks

– The Bob Wills Birthday Celebration with the Texas Playboys and the Round Up Boys at Cain’s Ballroom
– Slaughter, Rocket Science, and Eddie Trunk at the IDL Ballroom
– The Matchsellers at Mercury Lounge
– RPM at the Hunt Club
– Zachary Ryan at the Blue Rose Cafe
– Damion Shade, Surron the 7th, and St. Domonick at the Colony
– Old Man and Harnish at the Shrine

– The Cole Porter Revue at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame
– Carlton Hesston, Echoes & Copycat, and Hey Judy at The Starlite
– Mike Cameron Collective at East Village Bohemian Pizzeria
– Pearl Charles, Acid Tongue and Golden Ones at the Mercury Lounge
– As We Are and Host of Hosts at the Vanguard
– Paul Benjaman’s Sunday Nite Thing at the Colony

Well, you should be nearing your driveway or ready to run that dishwasher, so that’s about all of the events we have on this edition of Weekend Plans in Tulsa. Remember that you can find all of these events listed at https://www.oaktreestaffing.com/blog/ as well as learn how to get some serious help with your job hunt or get your team fantastic employee training from absolutely anywhere, anytime, however you learn best!

Until next time, I’m Ken Lane and I hope you have a glorious weekend. Chag Purim Sameach!

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