Weekend Plans in Tulsa – February 22-25, 2018 [Podcast]

Weekend Plans in Tulsa – February 22-25, 2018 [Podcast]

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Hello, T-Town friends and welcome to another episode of Weekend Plans in Tulsa — your commute-length or possibly workout-length podcast that helps you figure out how to make the most of your weekend in, you guessed it, Tulsa. In this episode, we’ll be covering February 22nd through the 25th, 2018.

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Ok, let’s get make some plans, starting with events taking place all weekend long!

This event bears repeating — but also because it’s still going on! Are you a fan of The Ramones? I named my cat “Ramone” so you know the answer there. If you’re like me, you’re not going to want to miss the stage performance of “Four Chords and a Gun” — Written by The Big Bang Theory actor John Ross Bowie, this new play is the story of The Ramones working on their fifth album, The End of the Century, with Phil Spector from 1978-80. This play is running through the 25th at the Tulsa PAC – Liddy Doenges Theatre running through the 25th with more details and ticket information at http://www.tulsaprojecttheatre.com

Also continuing into this weekend: Don’t miss the words of Mark Twain come to life on stage with the production of “Tom Sawyer, Detective” running Friday through the 25th as well. Adapted from the Tom Sawyer sequel, Tom Sawyer attempts to solve a mysterious murder. This will be taking place at the Spotlight Theatre with more information at http://spotlighttheatre.org/

The puck is getting dropped this weekend at the BOK Center as the Tulsa Oilers face off against the Colorado Eagles and on Friday & Saturday night. Make sure you don’t miss it by visiting https://tulsaoilers.com/

Another rare treat this weekend is the Akdar Shrine Circus happening all weekend at Expo Square. From trapeze artists, amazing juggling feats, ferocious tigers, tremendous elephants, and yes…clowns…bring out the kiddos to partake in this larger-than-life circus experience. Log on to http://akdarshrine.org/shrine-circus/ for ticket and show information.

Are the kids afraid of clowns? That’s understandable, I am too. If so, take them to Discover the Dinosaurs at the Cox Business Center this weekend. Get up close to amazingly realistic animatronic dinosaurs and bring out your inner paleontologist with 10 different exhibits. Saturday and Sunday, it will be two days of everything dinosaurs. Learn more at http://www.discoverthedinosaurs.com/.

Another event that’s great for kids, though indirectly, is the Just Between Friends sale happening this weekend at Expo Square. Save between 50-90% off retail price of maternity and children’s items. Learn more about this event at http://tulsa.jbfsale.com/.


– Paul Benjamin at Mercury Lounge
– Benny Bassett at The Hunt Club
– A.C. Peirce and the Arrows at Blackbird On Pearl

– the Roadshow Tour at the Mabee Center
– Dane Arnold and the Soup at the Mercury Lounge
– Stinky Gringos at Blackbird On Pearl
– Combsy & Todd Clouser with Hernan Hecht at Fassler Hall
– Higher Education at the Colony
– Dante and the Hawks at Hunt Club

– Flo Rida at River Spirit Casino
– Carlton Heston, American Shadows, and Motion Hotel at Mercury Lounge
– Cassi Stephan & The Midnight Sun at the Colony
– Dustin Pittsley Band at Hunt Club
– The Great Divide, Red Dirt Rangers, and Chance Anderson at Cain’s Ballroom

– Paul Benjaman’s Sunday Nite Thing at the Colony

That about does it for this episode of Weekend Plans in Tulsa so far. If you ever have a suggestion for an event you’d like us to mention, don’t hesitate to let us know by messaging us on social media or by visiting oaktreestaffing.com and giving us an ear-full…or at least, a form-full. Again, this podcast comes to you every week, usually by Wednesday at the latest, so make sure you subscribe on iTunes or a podcast app of your choice. This podcast is also on YouTube, so subscribe to our channel to see this show pop up into your Subscription feed. Hit the bell icon to receive notifications of new episodes.

Until next time, my name is Ken and I hope you have a serene weekend.

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