4 Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency For Employers

4 Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency For Employers

Keeping a recruitment agency in your Rolodex has its benefits

No matter what size organization, a recruitment agency can help meet the changing needs of your business by finding quality candidates and assuming a variety of staffing needs.

1. Recruitment agencies help save time

Real world scenario:
One of your favorite Project Managers just put in her two-week notice to take a job closer to her parents in another state and it could not have come at a worse time. You have three prospective clients lined up and no one to coordinate services for them. “Man, it’s been a while since I’ve looked for solid Project Managers,” you think as you stare at your overflowing inbox of tasks to address. Who has the time to look for a new hire?

How a recruitment agency can help:
When your staff is stretched thin, you may not have time to address gaps in your staffing or keep up with the latest recruitment practices. A reputable staffing company has recruiting professionals on hand with experience in finding the stst appropriately qualified candidate for the job – all in record time. Because recruiters use the latest tools and techniques to find the most qualified applicants where they’re truly looking, you don’t have to keep up with recruiting trends. This is especially handy if your organization only periodically needs help staffing. Use recruiters when you need them and keep them in your Rolodex when you don’t. They’ll be there when you’re ready to start hiring again.

2. Recruitment agencies can help identify needs

Real world scenario:
You’ve just discovered that your competition has adopted a new system that eliminates the wait time on a particular website order because processing their order can be programmed to do so automatically. Suddenly, while your clients have to wait 2-3 business days for their order to process, your competition’s new programming allows customers to process their own order in 20 minutes. “What the heck? How is this possible? What did they do? Who do I hire to catch up and even close the time gap? Who does this?”

helps with needsHow a recruitment agency can help:
Experienced staffing firms spend their days finding the top tier candidates, so they may know industry terminology even better than you do. In addition to just finding qualified candidates, they can serve as knowledgeable consultants analyzing your projects and service offerings. Experienced HR staffing consultants can be a great resource in helping you determine the professionals that meet your particular needs. Whether you’re looking to hire part-time employees, full-time employees, or contract positions, professional staffing specialists and recruiters can help your company identify the most beneficial employees for any need. Even when you’re not hiring, career professionals can be valuable resources, answering questions you may have about a certain field of specialists.

3. Recruitment agencies can locate choice candidates

missing puzzle pieceReal world scenario:
Ok, it turns out that you need a Hadoop Developer. Just a few days ago, you couldn’t even pronounce “Hadoop” and the job forums aren’t any help. Where do Hadoop Developers hang out? What are they interested in doing? Where on earth can you find these types of people even to talk to, let alone interview for a job?

How a recruitment agency can help:
Because recruiters go where the candidates are, from meet-up groups to conventions and online forums, a good recruitment agency can identify candidates you otherwise would never have met. Most companies find it difficult to locate highly skilled individuals who may or may not be actively seeking new opportunities because they rarely have the time or resources to venture out beyond the job boards. Still, reputable staffing companies not only locate these individuals in their natural habitat but also know how to speak to their interest in a particular position.

4. Recruitment agencies can help spot candidate red flags

Real world scenario:
You finally found someone with the right skill set who is a looking for a great new opportunity. Congratulations! You bring them in for an interview and they show you their resume. Wow, that’s a lot of certifications. As you look through the certifications, most all of your needs are met. You hire the employee and three weeks into the job, you find out that most of the projects they are assigned to work on aren’t being completed. You ask them about the reason for the delay and they tell you that the systems that they certified to use have connecting programs that allow them to transfer data and communicate…but…they don’t know how to use these connecting programs. They became certified in systems that had a very low bar of entry while avoiding the higher bars. You don’t have the time or the resources to train them on these connecting programs. How could this have been avoided?

caution warning signHow a recruitment agency can help:
The hiring process for a new full-time position can take months of planning and interviews – both of which use up valuable time that most companies don’t have. However, rushing this process for the sake of convenience can lead to lead to a bad investment in someone who may not be the right fit for the position or organization. Much like getting a car “lemon checked” by a mechanic before buying, a recruiter can spot what just seem to be minor flaws in a candidate that can end up issues in the workplace later. Because they want to maintain a good reputation with your organization, due diligence in screening candidates is of the utmost concern for recruitment agencies. Recruiters can utilize their own experience to help you

Let staffing agencies help your company reach its full potential.

It’s never been easier to save time, realize your needs, source candidates, and identify potential problem candidate issues than it is with the help of the recruitment agency services of OakTree Staffing & Training. Speak with a recruitment and staffing specialist today!

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