15 Time-Saving Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts (You May Not Know About)

15 Time-Saving Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts (You May Not Know About)

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts To Make Life Easier

Many prefer a Mac operating system for their simplicity when wanting to accomplish common daily functions. In the spirit of simplicity, here are 15 time-saving Mac OS keyboard shortcuts to help you save time and effort.

1. Creating a New Folder

Want to quickly organize your desktop or a variety of files within a folder? Holding down Shift+Command+N will instantly create a new file. Then stash your files, rename, and wah-lah — organization!

2. Minimize All Windows

So, you have 10 windows open and maybe you want to quickly access something on your desktop. No sweat. A quick Command + Apps/Windows/F3 button hold down minimizes all of your windows. So fresh and so clean. Repeat to bring them back again.

 3. Reverse Backspace/Delete In Front of Cursor

What if I told you that you can not only backspace, but “frontspace,” too? Well, you can. Simply hold down Command + D and suddenly you’re the Mac equivalent of a time cop.

 4. Desktop Tidying

Your desktop is an absolute travesty. From screenshots to random files sitting on top of files, it probably leaves you on edge just seeing it out of the corner of your eye while you’re doing anything else. No need to spend time clicking and moving all of your files. A simple Control + Alt/Option+Command+6 squares everything up for you. Go ahead, try it. Pretty cool, huh?

 5. One-Button Quick Look

You have three files that are almost identical, but you don’t want to fully open up whichever photo-viewing program or multimedia player is necessary to see what it is. No sweat. Simply click once to select the file you’re wanting a Quick Look at and instead of right-clicking to find the “Quick Look” option, just hit the spacebar. To make the Quick Look go away, hit the spacebar again. That easy!

 6. Scroll to Top (or Bottom) of Page

You’ve scrolled all that you can scroll, but the menu to navigate to a new page is at the top of this incredibly long page. No worries. Just hit the Fn (Function) + right arrow or Fn + left arrow and you’re instantly at the top of the bottom of the page.

7. Additional Information

Have you ever needed to know more about a file without cracking it open? Take a quick peek at how big this sucker is, the format, last time edited and much more, highlight the file you want to learn more about and hit Command + I. Poof — a look behind the curtain.

8. Quick Force Quit

So, the application you’re currently using has decided to wig out on you and just freeze. Nobody has time for that. Quickly Force Quit the application by hitting Alt/Option + Command + Esc and say bye-bye.

 9. Open Print Window

You want to print that spreadsheet, website page, map, etc., but sometimes digging through the upper navigation can be a pain to just reach the Print window. Dig no more! Simply hit Command + P and your Print window will be right before you, ready to carry out all of your printing desires.

10. Open Applications, Utilities, or Desktop Folder

Just like having quick access to tools on a tool belt, now you have your Applications, Utilities, and whatever is on your Desktop right at your fingertips. Just hold down Shift + Command + and then either A, U, D to access each one.

 11. Closing Window of Application

Want to close the window of an application you’re using without having to reach over for your mouse and navigate it to the “close” button? Now you shut it down as fast as lightning with an Alt/Option+Command+W. (Just a note: OakTree is not responsible for helping you quickly hide NSFW material. Just don’t look it up, buddy!)

 12. Matching Text Style

How many times have you been writing up an email and wanted to copy+paste something you’ve written elsewhere in there, but the style is off? Whether you can’t figure out what font it is or the sizing is off, a quick Alt/Option + Shift + Command + V will match the text you’re pasting with the style on where it’s going. Isn’t continuity a beautiful thing?

 13. Increase or Decrease Text Size

This is the last straw — Blake in Accounting has eaten your lunch out of the fridge for the last time. As you quickly type up your hate email or sign to tape to the fridge, you realize you want to make certain part of the font larger than others in order to properly express your rage. Well, that has never been easier by highlighting the text and hitting Command + “+” to increase the font size or Command + “-” to decrease it. Now you may quickly express your wrath that shall come upon Blake in Accounting.

 14. Hide or Show Dock

Some of us just want a super clean workspace when working on a project. You may not need your Applications dock showing at the bottom of the screen. Quickly ditch it by a simple Alt/Option + Command + D. Get it back the same way. Now you see the dock, now you don’t.

 15. Open New Window in Current Application



Starting anew has never been easier. When you’re in any application or program and hold down Command + N, this will open a new window in that application.

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