4 Ways Employee Training Pays Out

4 Ways Employee Training Pays Out

“Is employee training really worth the hassle?”

Some businesses see employee training as an unnecessary expense and expect new employees to learn on the job and from more experienced employees. While it can sound nice to keep everything in-house, this type of training is often inadequate, inefficient, and can actually infect your company with one or more employees’ bad work habits. Professionally training your employees can ensure that they learn from knowledgeable teachers who can give them skills and work habits that will benefit their own successes and present additional value to their employer.

1. Employee Training as a Personnel Tune-Up

An employee who is well trained and involved in the workforce can be a major boon to your organization. Even the best machines need a tune-up and employees benefit greatly from sharpening their skills when learning from a professional. Though many software systems these days are designed to be intuitive for the user, professional training on even the most rudimentary systems can reveal hidden helpful shortcuts and better processes to help employees do their jobs better and in record time. Whether your team is needing to brush up on the basics or learn the latest technologies, taking the time for professional employee training more than pays for itself in newly discovered efficiencies.

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2. Using Employing Training To Prevent Costly Errors

When the workplace requires physical duties to be performed by employees, a lack of training is not only irresponsible as an employer but also dangerous for employees. Health and safety administrations require employers to communicate proper safety procedures to ensure the safety of employees to ensure that all procedures and regulations are followed. Noncompliance with these laws can result in serious discipline to your organization and opens the possibility for liabilities as well as potential legal action. In addition to the wellbeing of personnel, a lack of employee training can result in damages to property, loss of valuable data, and lost time in order to remedy IT issues. Properly trained employees make fewer mistakes and end up costing your organization fewer resources for technical remedies.

3. Trained Employees Strengthen Your Brand

When customer support is key to your organization’s operation, employee training into the most effective methods of remedying a customer concern can be the difference between a glowing online review or a major dent in your company’s image. When employees conduct customer service protocol in a professional and efficient manner, this only strengthens consumer confidence in your organization’s brand. The only way to stabilize the quality control of your customer support process is with professional employee training. By training your employees, you are increasing the likelihood that a customer will attempt to remedy a dilemma with the company rather than simply take their business elsewhere.

4. Employee Training to Reduce Turnover

There’s no quicker way to run a valuable employee away than by not seeing their value. An undervalued employee typically will not share the enthusiasm for your organization’s mission because they don’t believe you have faith in their potential. Employees who are untrained often feel undervalued by their organization — a feeling that can lead to a contagious lack of enthusiasm about their role on the team. Properly training your employees shows your commitment to educating and furthering their skill set as well including them in your organization’s mission for the long haul. When you invest in your team, your team will invest more of their zeal on your organization’s mission.

Employee Training Considerations

When determining what would be the best training program for your team, it’s best to consider what training companies can accommodate your organization’s needs.  Not providing adequate training to current staff and new employees can lead to uninformed team members, lack of production, a dangerous workplace and poor customer communication.

There’s no excuse to not training your employees when it has never been this simple.
Once upon a time, employee training was a logistical nightmare for many organizations. Between the cost of travel, hotel accommodations, and lost time, the difficulties outweighed the benefits. Fortunately, that was then. Thanks to the power of the internet, your team can attend classes in real-time from absolutely anywhere — either in real-time with instructor training online via OakTree’s ProximiTree system or self-paced Microsoft training utilizing Microsoft Official Courses (MOC) On Demand. No matter the need, OakTree can provide IT and software training for your entire team — from administrative staff to advanced programmers. And because OakTree is a Microsoft Certified Learning Partner, if your organization are Microsoft customers, there’s a good chance that we can offer Microsoft training to your team at no additional cost to you.

Learn all about OakTree IT Training’s ability to make your employee training easier than you ever dreamed. 

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