6 Popular Job Interview Questions & How To Answer Them (Job Interview Help)

6 Popular Job Interview Questions & How To Answer Them (Job Interview Help)

A job interview is like any other test in life – you’ll want to prepare.

How many times have you heard a job interview question you weren’t prepared for simply because your mind couldn’t come up with the “right” answer? Unfortunately, this happens to great job candidates all too frequently. Properly preparing for what job interview questions you may be presented can help any job interview go smoothly and help you present the real “you.” Here are six very popular job interview questions you will probably be asked and some ideas on how to best answer these questions.

Job Interview Question #1: “Why should we hire you instead of the other applicants?”

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This job interview question is pretty much the purpose of the entire interview, so don’t be surprised if it’s not the first thing you’ll be asked straight out of the gate. This can be an especially difficult question to answer as you may not even know the qualifications and character traits of the other applicants for the job. While question can seem abruptly direct, another reason for asking this question may be to gauge how you will represent the company if hired. If you can sell yourself in a flattering way that’s not too overbearing, you will more than to provide a similar response when representing the company.

Job Interview Question #2: “What do people most often criticize about you?”

You’re an IT rockstar and you know it, but as much as job interviewers are looking for your strengths, finding chinks in your armor is also a way to speed up the selection process. Also, while this question maybe 100% straightforward, it is very likely a way for the interviewer to get an understanding of how you handle criticism and get down to brass tacks. A good team member is flexible and open to feedback – positive or negative. Handling criticism in a calm and collected manner is a must for many fast-paced environments.

Job Interview Question #3: “What was your biggest accomplishment/failure in your last position?”

Eloquently articulating the good and bad of every situation is an attribute of a great employee. Being able to speak humbly about one’s self is a downright virtue. If you’re able to speak honestly about yourself in a way that is flattering as well as unpretentious and honest, this is a sign that you will work well with clients as well as colleagues. Don’t be afraid to mention a time when you messed up as long as you also express how much you learned from your own failure. Everyone fails in the workplace at one time or another, but not everyone learns from those failures.

Job Interview Question #4. “What can you offer this company?”

Every employee is an investment on the part of the company and they want to see a return on their investment. In order to express that you would be a worthy fit for the role, you must be able to show your value even within the job interview. In these instances, expressing your interest in saving the company money as well as being a valuable source of efficient revenue will help you score points with the interviewer. At the end of the day, it really comes down to the bottom line – what can you do for them?

5. “What is your work style?”

If you don’t have a good answer for this job interview question, you may be doomed. While you do have a work style (everybody does), one angle of this question is whether or not you’re simply going to either tell the interviewer what they want to hear in order to gauge your honesty. If you landed the interview, there is a chance that you have a very capable work style that you need not be ashamed to express. Yes, many of us would rather work in our pajamas, quite possibly in a hammock, but you may want to express what work style has worked the very best for you. It’s rare that you work most efficiently in a hammock, so concentrate less on what work style you want and what work style actually works for you.

6. “What is your greatest weakness/strength?”

Last but certainly not least, this is almost a guaranteed job interview question. This question reveals more than most interviewees think it does. The answers not only reveal how you talk yourself up (and potentially the company) but also helps them gauge how honestly you answered the rest of the questions in the job interview. Answer both of these with humility and honesty. Being upfront about your weaknesses will score you more points with the interviewer than a line of rubbish they can smell from a mile away. However, you will also need to follow up expressing your greatest weakness with a solution to conquering this weakness. Entities want to hire problem solvers, so it would be a great idea to genuinely begin to strategize how to remedy a weakness you have…and not just for the sake of the job interview question.

Sidenote: only say that your weakness is that “I’m too much of a perfectionist” if it’s true and you can provide real-life examples of how it has actually hindered a scenario in the workplace. A safe rule of thumb is to avoid this terrible cliche of an answer at all costs.

Honesty is the best policy.

Though you want to make the best impression, the very best impression someone can make in a job interview is being honest and down-to-earth. You will be asked questions, but there is rarely a pass-or-fail for a job interview. They are wanting to hire a human and humans come with flaws. If the employer doesn’t believe you’re right for the job, not getting the job may be the best thing for both you and company. Don’t be discouraged!

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