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Power BI has made data analysis open to all.

Making business decisions has always required the proper foresight of the entity holding the purse strings. If a return on investment cannot be adequately assured, whether that be in form of funds or effort, chances are slim that anyone has the incentive to pursue what could potentially benefit their organization. Thanks to innovations in data analysis and collection, the capability to analyze data and make informed decisions is possible to anyone. At OakTree, one of our favorite tools for analyzing and sharing data in a visual way that anyone can comprehend is via Microsoft Power BI. Let us explain why we feel that learning Power BI and taking advantage of its many features is definitely worth any organization’s time.

People are creating more data than ever.

As the average person continues to utilize technology for nearly every aspect of their daily lives, from deciding what to buy or how to spend every moment of their day, this has provided organizations more information about their target demographic than ever before. It has been estimated by the year 2020, the amount of data created by humans will have grown tenfold — upwards of 44 zettabytes or 44 trillion gigabytes. Every transaction, Google search, social media correspondence — each one these activities makes an organization’s perception of their audience even clearer. As more pieces of the information puzzle of fall into place, the lens of opportunity is focused.

More data means a greater need for data management.

In days gone by, a customer may have received a mailed catalog if they had previously signed up for a mailing list to receive a discount. The ages of gathering information began in part within the world of strategic branding of the 1960s. The technology available to capture and organize an entity’s target demographic was extremely limited. In order to keep up with advances in capturing data, new technologies have been developed in order to allow organizations large and small make the most of the data they receive. This is where Microsoft’s Power BI is heralded as such a useful tool.

Power BI allows users to input virtually any style of data into a single tool. Not only can this data be imported manually, but can also be set up to be automatically gathered onto its central cloud-based system. From there, processes can be managed that transform raw data into user dashboards and gorgeous visualizations — the span of which is only limited one’s own imagination. From the spreadsheet to the KPIs and gauge charts, even the rawest data can be thoroughly utilized by even the least specialized team. Power BI is meant for anyone who wants to make the most out of their data — from business analysts to developers, marketing specialists to CEOs. Any decision maker who relies on data to make their next move can benefit greatly from employing Power BI.

Start Power BI for free and start learning for free.

When one imagines an immensely powerful tool that allows users to capitalize on crucial analytical data, one would also assume this would come with a hefty price tag. Not only is this far from true for acquiring Power BI, but also for getting started learning all about how to use the business analytics program. As a Microsoft Certified Learning Partner, OakTree IT Training is excited to present a free 30-minute Power BI Desktop Webinar. Enjoy the full webinar video with corresponding video transcript.

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