6 Job Interview Mistakes That Will Keep You Unemployed (In 6 GIFs)

6 Job Interview Mistakes That Will Keep You Unemployed (In 6 GIFs)

Stand out from other job candidates by avoiding these mistakes in the job interview.

Simple mistakes made in the job interview room can lose you an opportunity faster than anything. Some of the more prevalent mistakes made by an interviewee are due to poor preparation,  communication, or odd behavior. Understanding common mistakes made by past interviewees can help you identify your weaknesses in these areas and prepare to nail your next interview.

Rambling To Prevent Uncomfortable Silence

In an interview, you will be asked questions that pertain to the job you are seeking. The answers you provide to these questions should only relate to what they ask of you. If you are asked about your experiences with former team members, provide a short and concise answer that gives the information the question sought and that information only. The interviewer did not ask that question with the intent for you to begin a story of how close you and your buddy were in your last job and the things you did on the weekend. Try not to ramble and keep your answers to answers only, not stories.

Over-sharing in the interview

One can say the previous example might have over-shared, but you can still over-share without rambling. When a question is asked, answer the question. If the interviewer asks, “Tell me about a time you have failed before,” answering the question with the time you cheated on your fiancé is not the answer they were looking for. Answer questions with answers only relevant to the job you are seeking. It’s a professional interview, not a personal one.

Ripping on your former employer

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If you have a problem with your former employer, the interview room is not the place to vent. If asked why you left your former job, be honest as tastefully as possible. Ripping your old boss in front of what could be your future boss only makes you look bitter and petty — features unattractive to any employer.

Leaving your cell phone on

answering phone

You’re in an interview and in the middle of an important conversation your phone rings. Guess what that does to your chances of landing that position? All the apologies in the world won’t replace the fact you showed lack of consideration and preparation to think to turn your phone off in an interview. If you actually pick up that phone or return a text message, don’t be surprised when you’re not called back. It’s common courtesy to turn off all phone notifications during a job interview. The safest route may be to turn your phone completely off.

Not dressing for success


Dressing properly for an interview is important because it represents status and how you view yourself. Before an interview, assess whether or not the company has a more casual or formal workplace setting. If you’re not sure of the desired workplace attire, err on the side of overdressing. While you may be the perfect candidate, a first impression is not subject to do-overs.

Not researching the company

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Just as the interviewer for the company is researching you, you should definitely research the interviewing company. Go beyond the company website. Reach out to friends and colleagues within the business to gain insight on the companies culture and inner workings to have a better understanding of what type of company you are applying to. This will also help at the end of an interview when asked if you have any questions for the employer. Having knowledge of the company will help you generate questions relative to the position open.

Still Need Help? Don’t Worry – We Have Your Back

Properly preparing for questions and situations such as these can help ensure you don’t make those mistakes. Staying flexible allows you to answer in a way that shows that you aren’t a robot. For additional help in nailing the interview, reach out to the Tulsa staffing firm, OakTree Staffing, help you nail the interview and score the position to help propel your career.

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