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What are Payroll Staffing Services?

What is Payroll Staffing Services?  Payroll Staffing Services is a service OakTree provides when a company, organization or other entity has someone they want to hire for a contract basis, but cannot engage them directly.  OakTree represents the contractor as their official employer and handles everything an employer normally would, including benefits (Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance), 401k accounts, travel assistance (including travel arrangements, reservations, and reimbursement management), and more if necessary. 

To make things even easier, OakTree would also provide an easy timesheet portal system. Workers enter their time and submit those hours to a manager for review and once confirmed, OakTree processes their payroll with all the necessary deductions (Social Security, Medicare, State & Federal Taxes, and more). 

Any Questions?

OakTree is dedicated to supporting you and your employees to bring the most productivity to your office. If you're interested in how OakTree's Payroll Staffing Services can help your business, don't hesititate to give OakTree a call to learn more about these great services today!